• I have been a digital photography fan from day one, and an even bigger fan of applications created to let me do cool stuff to my images. Colorizing, cropping, highlighting, morphing, and more can be done with lots of applications ranging from Adobe Photoshop on the paid end to Paint.net on the free end. This week I came across an app for both the Mac and PC called “Portrait Professional 10” and I have to say, I am in love....Read More
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  • Most pool parties are notoriously low tech-blowing up rubber pool rafts, cooking over an open flame, and an old stereo on the patio. So why talk about them on the Digital Dose?...Read More
  • Our family puts the Fuji XP20 to the test on the beach, in the pool and reports back on on the "shockproof" results!...Read More

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Ben Smith

Ben Smith administers technology tidbits and reviews that do not simply tell readers what a product or service does, but answer the question often asked of new technology: “Why would I need that?” The column covers a variety of topics including technology use in the workplace and at home, as well as trends in digital marketing. Content from guest contributors provides insight and opinions from other leaders in the technology and digital marketing fields.

Growing up the son of a Systems Engineer, Ben had mainframe computers in his home before there were desktop PC's. Staying in the family business, he has been a Programmer, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, and Technologist. Later in his career, he moved into business operation roles, and has helped manage and grow technology companies while also running an incubator. Five years ago, he brought his technology background into the field of marketing and helped create the Lavidge Interactive and Internet Marketing Agency. Currently, as Director of Account Development at Lavidge, he consults with major brands across the U.S. on merging technology and marketing via Social Media, PR, Web Design, and Web Development. Additionally, being a father of three means he is always well-informed on the latest tech "toys" - and that he brings them home to play!

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