Santa Clara Restaurants

Restaurants in Santa Clara are as diverse as the city’s multicultural and eclectic population. There are gourmet banquet facilities for a sumptuous dinner; small dive restaurants only known to regulars; familiar comfort food in popular diners, and stalls and food trucks for a quick bite. If you crave a certain food, the chances are very high that you can find it within a 10 mile radius of Santa Clara.

The area is flanked by the lovely Santa Cruz Mountains and just miles away from the produce heartland south of San Jose. Garlic from Gilroy, artichokes from Castroville, Gala apples from Watsonville and wines from the Saratoga wineries are just some of the specialties you can find served in the restaurants from the area. Organic produce, seasonal Dungeness crabs and the famous California cheeses can be found in the restaurants when in season. Dining in Santa Clara restaurants is a delectable experience and one that fits all budgets.

California-inspired cuisine which includes new and traditional American styles of cooking is very popular at restaurants in the area. With Asian influences of aromatic herbs, fresh vegetables, and pairing of textures, chefs present their creations for the palette that amaze and delight. You can find barbeque, burgers, steaks and diner fare in Santa Clara.

Italian cuisine is a favorite for both adults and children. There are few meals that can beat a fresh, hand-made pasta cooked to perfection for a deliciously satisfying meal. There are several Italian restaurants in Santa Clara, among which is Mio Vicino, a local area favorite.

Asian food ranges from delicately flavored dishes from Southern China to searingly-hot creations from the Indian subcontinent. Korean barbecue is an enjoyable activity if you like to cook your food at the table and eat it fresh from the grill. Familiar Indian barbecue dishes such as the kebabs and tandoori chicken are just some of the delicious offerings at Indian restaurants; try south Indian dosa, you’ll like it. Japanese cuisine with fresh sushi, creamy chawan mushi and New York-inspired rolls with cream cheese paired with smoked salmon is very popular in Santa Clara. Chinese food varies by the region it originates from: fiery Szechuan dishes covered in dried, red peppers; gently steamed fish from Canton, and dim sum small plates. For Thai and Vietnamese food fans, you’ll find many options for aromatic curries and steaming bowls of pho (rice noodles). You can find Filipino bakeries which are very popular for their light and interesting cakes and pastries.

Mexican tacos, burritos, fajitas, and quesadillas rank high on dining if you are looking for comfort food that is affordable, interesting, and delicious. A nice glass of cold horchata (rice drink) is ideal for a hot summer day. (By the way, in Santa Clara, the diurnal temperature can be 20 degrees hotter than night time.)

Fast food staples like pizza, sandwiches, and hot dogs are easy to find in Santa Clara. If you prefer a different style of fast food you can find meals delivered in food trucks, such as sushi, barbecue, rice plates, chowder, and tacos.

Dining in Santa Clara is an adventure and can be as exciting or familiar as you choose. Be sure to try the fresh seasonal dishes and a glass of California wine while you are here in Santa Clara.

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