• Within the cigar world there is probably not a more hot button issue like the trade embargo placed on Cuba in 1960. In the early hours of February 7th, 1962 a near total embargo against Cuba was signed into effect by President John F. Kennedy. This is the common date everyone associates the Cuban Democracy Act with as prior to this date it was simply a partial embargo against the Communist island. As most know this is still in effect to this day and is the most enduring trade embargo in modern history...Read More
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  • Last year, Oliveros launched a new line of cigars called Swag, a Domincan puro that was a big departure from what folks assumed a Domincan cigar was. Fuller bodied, fuller flavored, as they stated, this was not your grandpa’s Domincan cigar. Fast forward several months and Swag introduced a cigar called Aging Room, a blend using the same tobacco but aged longer then the standard Swag. Fast forward to 2012 and now we have the new Aging Room Quattro, a box press cigar made in 5 sizes using an Indonesian wrapper....Read More
  • 2012 is well into swing now that January has already past us. The Super Bowl has been played and baseball is about to start. I already would have broken my resolutions, so it is probably good I didn’t make any. Why bother with the disappointment right? But looking back over 2011 and all of the changes that occurred in my life, I know 2012 is shaping up to be a great year. Hopefully that is also the case with the cigar industry as well. 2010 and 2011 saw many new faces join the ranks of the old guard and some old guard return in a new form. We saw new and innovative blends, partnerships, shapes, and sizes all jump into the market. We’ve seen the big ring gauge craze hit in full force but even small ring gauge product is making its own splash. So how does 2012 live up what I consider to be 2 good years in the cigar business and more so, how does it set its self apart and maybe even above the previous years? ...Read More

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Mitchel Hirsh - Cigar King

Mitchel Hirsh, owner of Cigar King and Arizona Fine Time, has been working the retail trade since 1960. His father started one of the 1st discount beauty stores in the Chicago area and began teaching him the ins and outs of retail at a very early age.

Throughout out his life, premium cigars, fine watches, and luxury goods have always been a hobby and a passion. After a successful run as a commodity trader at Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Mitchel decided to retire and return to his roots in retail. He purchased his father’s business and began the transformation from a discount store into one of the premier retailers for premium cigars in the country; The Cigar King was born.

The Cigar King is a place where customers can smoke and enjoy a premium cigar and choose from a selection of 200 brands. Displays filled with any type of accessory the mind could imagine line the store, and a beautiful lounge is available for consumers to smoke their cigars in comfort. Realizing he had a captive audience of consumers with a fondness for the finer things in life, Mitchel called on one of his other passions and created Arizona Fine Time, a boutique watch store.

Today, Arizona Fine Time stocks over fifteen unique lines that are exclusive to AZFineTime.com in Arizona if not the entire US. Built beautifully into a nook at the Cigar King, his dream blossomed into a solid business that allows him to work on projects that he has been passionate about for over 40 years.

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