Santa Clara Real Estate Brokers

Santa Clara real estate listings offer a wide selection of homes in many of the city's best neighborhoods. There are nearly 41,000 households in Santa Clara with more than 100 homes for sale directly in the city at the time of this writing. The median price for homes in Santa Clara is approximately $525,980.

The real estate market in Santa Clara has generally remained stable even through challenging economic periods affecting the nation and California. Mortgage rates have held below the national average with home prices holding steady. The majority of people living in Santa Clara own their home.

Excellent neighborhood schools and high-quality community facilities make Santa Clara especially attractive to families. College students account for a temporary surge in population, but aren't counted among the city's permanent residents for the purposes of the Census. Santa Clara is one of the most highly desired places to live after gradation for students in the Bay Area. Since Santa Clara is at the heart of the Silicon Valley, unemployment has held far below the national average. Career opportunities in the area make purchasing real estate in Santa Clara more likely for those who chose to live here.

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