Santa Clara Health and Beauty

Your Health and Beauty Guide to Santa Clara


Among the many benefits of being in an area like Santa Clara where the population is so health conscious and active is the access you have to some of the finest health and body care specialists in the nation. From medical and alternative medicine specialists to body-work gurus and luxury spa treatments, Santa Clara’s health and beauty professionals are all within easy reach.

With state of the art medical facilities, training centers for the most advanced techniques in health care and beauty trends, Santa Clara offers the best options available when it comes to taking care of yourself. If you are looking for specialized medical attention, Santa Clara area hospitals will most likely have a leading specialist to help treat your particular ailments or recommend where you can go to find that expert. Chances are you'll receive therapies and remedies that are not found elsewhere. Santa Clara also offers the widest array of spa and beauty treatments and services from a variety of alternative and wellness practitioners.

Medical Facilities and Treatments in Santa Clara

Santa Clara is home to some of the finest medical care you are likely to find anywhere in California and the country. The city is home to three major hospitals and within close proximity to several more. Santa Clara offers the best in modern critical and urgent care to those in need of it. The city’s hospitals serve thousands of patients every day and are consistently ranked among the highest when it comes to patient care and services. Nearby Stanford University, University of California at San Francisco, and other world-renowned teaching and research institutions offer medical expertise for complex or critical cases.

There are many private physician practices in Santa Clara, ranging from general practitioners, therapists, and dentists, and specialists. Most Santa Clara residents have access to a family doctor or therapist in any neighborhood who is the main provider of their health care. Many residents move to the area specifically for this reason, citing the available medical expertise and access to these services as a primary factor for living here. Whether you need a family dentist, a psychotherapist or psychiatrist, or a general practitioner for your family’s medical needs, you’ll be able to find one amongst Santa Clara’s medical professionals.

Alternative Medicine and Wellness in Santa Clara

Alternative medical therapies and treatments are a big part of the health care offered in Santa Clara. Practitioners specializing in acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, herbal remedies, and a range of other specialties are available throughout Santa Clara and operate their own independent practices. There are specialists in all disciplines in nearly every neighborhood in Santa Clara and finding a specialist for your medical needs is a matter of choosing the right fit for you.

Available both privately and through the city’s Parks and Recreation Department are a host of wellness activities and classes. Tai Chi, Yoga, and other exercise-based wellness programs are offered throughout the year at varying price points, and are popular amongst residents. If you are looking for classes about alternative therapies and wellness activities, or if you would like to explore the courses to take to become a practitioner of these disciplines, you’ll find many classes and programs available locally.

Beauty Salons and Services in Santa Clara

Santa Clara offers an enormous variety of beauty services in and around the city. From salons to plastic surgeons and other beauty services, you’ll be able to look for and select the best fit for your needs and budget in Santa Clara. Beauty salons specializing in hair and nails to more involved body work disciplines are located throughout Santa Clara and the South Bay. From the funky and adorable to the upscale and sophisticated establishments, Santa Clara’s salons have a reputation for excellence. 

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