Santa Clara Area Wineries

Wine tasting in California is frequently associated with the Napa Valley and for good reason. Most individuals, when they look at a bottle of American wine, see that it comes from Napa Valley and, therefore, the area has long been regarded as the domestic wine producing region. There are many San Jose and Saratoga wineries which are also well-known to a smaller clientele that produce fine wine. San Jose wine tasting can be as much fun as making a trip to Napa and, perhaps, a less intimidating for the new wine drinker.

Silicon Valley wineries have a history that reaches far back into the past, when this area was more well known for its agricultural products and farmlands than it was for technological innovation. The land and climate in the Silicon Valley has some of the same characteristics as that in the Napa Valley vineyards, making the wineries near San Jose produce some very fine vintages. Wine tasting is an excellent and relaxing adult outing. Discovering a good wine is always a pleasure.

Wine tasting does not require that you are a connoisseur of wines. The staff at many of the wineries are more than happy to discuss their vintage with new wine drinkers, explain what characterizes a truly excellent wine, and to provide you with the appropriate adjectives, metaphors, and similes that you can use to discuss wine with the most discerning of individuals knowledgeably. Silicon Valley wineries produce a diverse range of wines which are available at Sunnyvale wine and liquor stores and throughout the Bay Area.

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