• You’ve heard the saying, “you’re never too old to have a happy childhood”? Well, I can attest to that. I didn’t have a hugely playful or happy childhood. My parents had a lot of trouble with my two sister’s mental instability and their own illnesses as well. Consequently it made me grow up quickly. I felt a sense of responsibility and need to please and function for my family in hopes that it would make them happy and in turn my life easier....Read More
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  • There is so much controversy around food and how we should eat to be healthy that it tend it gets confusing. It seems as though we are all supposed to eat the same way. But which is that?...Read More
  • Happiness in life requires struggle. It’s actually the positive side effect of handling the negative....Read More

About the Author

Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams

Academy Award Nominee, Actress, Author, Model, and Health & Nutrition advocate, Mariel Hemingway has teamed up with Adventurist, stunt man, Actor, and Health & Wellness guru, Bobby Williams to engage and enlighten people throughout the world as they share the knowledge and insight they have gained by “walking the walk”. Mariel and Bobby are partners in life and share a common vision of making each individual better, stronger, healthier, and happier while respecting the planet and all it has to offer. They tour the globe sharing their insights to crowds of people, and are currently working on a new book that chronicles their adventurous lifestyle, and allows people to view the world from a different perspective. Mariel and Bobby invite you to join them in making a better "you." They have been described as “hands-on, honest, and revolutionary” in their approach to living.  Look at www.runningwithnature.com for products they love and more health and wellness inspiration

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