• Millions of household investors have placed all or part of their accumulated assets into mutual funds. A mutual fund describes a professionally managed pool of assets. This pool of assets is used by the fund manager to purchase specific equities, bonds or cash instruments to achieve a stated investment objective as outlined in the fund’s prospectus. In today’s investment marketplace, there are nearly 20,000 mutual funds. Are these investments outperforming the underlying market indexes? Why are so many investors drawn to this investment type? And, if you are currently invested in funds, how do you evaluate their performance? RetireLock helps answer these questions....Read More
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  • Saving and preparing for retirement is much different than living in retirement. Today's financial planning roadmap is challenging to navigate. Experienced financial advisors for people "in retirement" could help avoid a retirement fiscal cliff....Read More
  • Protecting income is critical to a successful retirement plan. An annuity is becoming an increasing popular way to protect retirement assets and retirement income. However, annuities are sold not purchased. knowing the payout factor can protect you from being sold a low quality annuity....Read More

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Jim Richards - Founder of RetireLock

Jim Richards has built his company, and his reputation, by capturing the human side of Financial Services. Taking the client perspective first, he focuses on dispelling the myths often populating the Financial market. His research and reporting advocates for consumer truth and through this Richards has created a loyal, informed readership.

As doubts and uncertainty in the financial sector have risen, Richards saw the need for an unbiased resource that consumers could turn to for support and created RetireLock. An organization that provides more than just peace of mind, RetireLock works both as a consumer advocate and support to Financial Advisors that want to do it right. The name RetireLock has become synonymous with confidence and certainty; leaving consumers more secure with whom they’re entrusting their financial decisions.

Jim Richards is a syndicated columnist and regular contributor to

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