High Tech Makes A Splash

Cool Tech Toys in the Pool

So this weekend I hung out by the pool with one of the owners of ToySplash, a pool toy company. Man things have come a long way since I was a kid. Most pool parties are notoriously low tech-blowing up rubber pool rafts, cooking over an open flame, and an old stereo on the patio. So why talk about them on the Digital Dose? Like me, you're probably looking for some relief from this brutally hot summer. And the next wave of pool party must-haves are decidedly tech-friendly and worth another look.

Pool toys to keep the youngest partygoers entertained have gone way beyond the floating killer whale and rubber dive rings of our childhoods. One of the biggest gadget toys is the Submergency Pool Dive Toy. Set the timer and drop the ball into the water. Players must dive to find and disarm the ball before the alarm sounds. It's exciting and keeps them entertained for the party. I have three kids and all all ranges were loving this one.

But the real tech gems lie in the creature comforts of a pool party. The GAME Outdoor Solar Shower was set up and allowed guests to rinse off before hopping in the pool and to rinse away some chlorine when they get out. Looking at it, it is simple to install and features hot/cold temperature adjustment. So much better than just using the old garden hose.

You can also ditch that old patio stereo (and the hassle of getting in and out of the water to change the station) with a PoolTunes Floating iPod Speaker Light. Simply connect your iPod to the transmitter and drop the speaker into the pool. The floating speaker keeps your music in the pool. And it's a great way to make use of that iPod I haven't touched since I first laid eyes on my iPad.

The coolest tech toy you can bring to your pool party, however, is the Liquid Image Digital Camera Swim Mask. A 3.1 MP digital camera is built in to what looks like an ordinary swim mask. You can take pictures of the party while you swim. Uploading was simple too: just plug the mask's USB cable into your computer. This is a must have for fun or any upcoming snorkeling trips.

So there you have it. You can keep cool and still get your technical fix during the backyard pool party.

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