Branding your Start-up on Twitter: Do’s and Don’ts

Even the experts are still deciphering how to navigate the Wild West that is social media to pan for the ultimate gold – transforming tweets into new business.

Successfully promoting your start-up’s brand on Twitter means transforming time spent making quirky observations to garnering new clients. Making more money. Connecting with current customers. Entrepreneurs are busy – so be certain to get some return on the investment of the most precious resource, time. Check out a few “Do’s and Don’ts.”


  • Expect that spending time on Twitter is valuable. It is. Results will follow when you practice consistency; but place a boundary on your time. Make a goal to monitor your feed twice a day and tweet at least once a day. Make achievable goals and build from there.
  • Create a profile for your business that is separate from your personal profile and use them both. True – you get to be yourself on Twitter – but if you want to promote your business, create a handle with its name and talk business. Hire a Social Media marketing agency (hey – that’s us) if you need help establishing or maintaining your presence.
  • Follow others strategically; again - make a goal. Follow 5 new profiles each day – make them count. Follow your prospects. Be certain to send personal messages to them periodically. Return the favor and be certain to follow those who follow your profile.
  • Write a variety customer centric Tweets. Write less about you, and more about your customer. Tips, tricks, links to great articles.Follow your competitors. In social media, collaboration is in – competition is out. Learn from and connect with your competition –you never know when they’ll recommend you.


  • Place all of your social media marketing eggs in one basket. Twitter does not have the power to make or break your business – but it will increase your online presence and empower your “street cred.” Try using a Social Media marketing tool such as Hootsuite, through which you can make one post to feed all of your pages.
  • Talk politics or religion under your business’ brand. One of our hottest prospects could hold a completely different point of you than yours – don’t offend them before you even get in front of them in real-time. People “meet” you online first, often, so make a good impression.
  • Overemphasize your number of followers. So, you’ve got 10,000 followers. It looks impressive – but how many are engaged? With how many do you truly connect? Focus on quality “touches” over quantity of followers.
  • Underestimate the power of the hashtag. What’s trending might not interest you, but creating tweets with hashtags, or placing a # symbol in front of a search-worthy keyword or phrase helps people find you. Create one that’s relevant to your brand or idea, and use it consistently.

Leveraging your brand across Twitter takes the same grit, work ethic, consistency, and thoughtfulness required for marketing to your customers in real time. Tweet, work, repeat.

Now, #gomakesh**happen!

Scott Kelly,

CEO, Black Dog Promotions

Inspiration for perspiration:

“Fortunes are built during the down market and collected in the up market.”

-Jason Calacanis, Founder, Mahalo

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Scott Kelly is a 20 year veteran in marketing, sales, training and publicity. He has trained over 1000 sales people, generated millions of dollars in sales and has taught marketing at the university level in the United States and Europe. As founder and CEO of Black Dog Promotions, Kelly has garnered national media coverage and established large fan bases for many in the sports and entertainment industry.

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